Friday, 7 April 2017

Meet Lynn

Today I want you to meet Lynn - owner of etsy shop 'Lynn Hanousek Designs'.

Lynn is member of HandmadeMovement Team - Home of Sneak Attacks ( if you want to know more about this team, check: and

Lynn lives in Astoria, Long Island City, Queens, NY in USA.

Tell us more about Astoria - place where you live.

'Astoria is a short train ride into mid-town Manhattan and right next to LaGuardia Airport. So its a handy place to live. Like the rest of Queens County, our neighborhood is ethnically diverse, resulting in a great variety of restaurants and yummy food'.

Above photo of Astoria Park I found through Google search - nice place isn't it? 

My next question to Lynn was: Are you born New Yorker?

She said: 'I was born in nearby New Jersey but have lived more then 2/3 of my life in various parts of NYC so I consider myself a New Yorker. My Mom was born in NY state and 2 of my Grandparents were born in NYC so I suppose its in my genes.'

Lynn has her etsy shop running on etsy since 2007. In early days she was selling vintage pieces and handmade jewellery, also from sea glass.

Are you still making jewellery with sea glass?

'I haven't made sea glass jewelry for awhile but I have jars of glass lining my window sill gleaned from our travels. A great local source is in Astoria Park along the East River. When I walk there, I sigh and think, 'Gotta get back to making sea glass jewelry'.

You can read about sea glass in Astoria Park and Lynn's jewelry here:

Currently Lynn is selling her own paintings, here my faves:

Are you self-taught painter or you have school degree in art?

I've been painting since I was in jr. high school (age 12/13). the art teacher told my parents to buy me a painting kit and just let me go to it. Throughout high school and college I received some instruction but I majored in Art Education and teaching was the main emphasis not becoming a professional artist. I guess you could say I am self taught with some help from my teachers.

Lynn is proper cat lover, so I just couldn't not ask about her kitten's muses and had this answer:

'... I get home and I'm greeted by 3 kitties. They are all very sociable and like lots of attention. They hang out with us all day and have a hand (paw) in everything we do. I love cats' eyes. I find them very expressive and that is reflected in my paintings.'

Below Lynn's kitties:

This handsome boy had his birthday on Fool's Day (April 1st) - no kidding!

She's beautiful!

Look at these eyes!

My last question to Lynn was: Is any place in the world you want to see? Why?

I've been blessed to visit many places in the world. One place I would like to see that I haven't is the eastern part of Germany where some of my ancestors came from.

I met Lynn on etsy almost 3 years ago when my shop was Sneak Attacked, but now I can say I know her little bit better :).

If you want to check Lynn's paintings go:

Hope you enjoyed reading.

Till next post friends!