Sunday, 31 January 2016

End of January

Last day of January... My 40% off coupon code didn't work... Ehhh, happens.

My little boy was invited for birthday party of twin girls from his nursery group - I'll be making wrapping bracelets for them - no pink and no girlish stuff on :) Football, dinosaurs etc - are more in their taste :)

Yesterday I catched baking frenzy :) Honestly :) Opened Hairy Bikers book and made rye bread and apple cake :) I have to say that during the week with help of my little one I made nice rolls from recipe from the same book :)

Here is my bread

when was improving

after taking out from oven :)

And here my apple cake, when cooling down a bit before eating :)

Nothing left from both :)

Few days ago I was cooking sauerkraut stew, my partner loves it. This stew is the best when cooked at least 3 days - my Mum's words and I believe in it.

From crafty side I made just one more pair of earrings - one of friends called them 'little globes'

And now I'm just chilling out before new week and new month :) Fingers crossed I'll be writing more ;)

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Lovely beans and easy-peasy desert :)

Last weekend we bought poshy looking yogurt called Russian fugde :) We decided to use it for desert, but first our fave bean patties :)

Sorry for horrible pictures, but my camera doesn't like light in my kitchen :(

For patties you need ( if cooking for 4):

2 cans of any beans ( I used 1 can mixed, cause that's enough to feed us 3:) - mashed
1 big carrot - grated
1 good size onion any kind ( I used shallots) - chopped
few pieces of sun-dried tomatos -chopped
grated cheese - 2-3 handfulls - we prefer Cheddar
few handfulls of bread crumbs

Onions, carrots and tomatos :)


Stir fry onion, tomatos, carrot and bit of ketchup until veggies softened, add to mashed beans, then add cheese and bread crumbs and mix well. Mixture need be firm to avoid breakage when fried.
Form nice size patties ( like burgers) and fry them on griddle pan just touched with oil.

Before frying

On plate with salad :)

My fast desert is a kind of variation of Eton mess :) Depend from ingredients used can be filling breakfast or light desert.

Last time when making it I used:
*Russian Fugde yogurt
*Hobnobs biscuits
*canned peaches

you can also use: whipped cream, digestive buiscuits, canned or fresh fruits of your choice for desert or: any yogurt, any fruits and dry fried chopped nuts and oats for breakfast version.

Start :)

Crumble biscuit first

then nice dollop of yogurt

then fruits, then repeat layers as many time as you want :)

Yummy result :)

Thursday, 21 January 2016

Play dough dinos and other stuff :)

Finally have some pics retrieve from one of my camera cards :) Shame this one is not compatible with our laptop.... But thanks to very nice man from computer shop I have all pics back exactly there where I need them :)

Dinosaurs - big love of my boy :) He has poster with them in his room, he's 'reading' books about them, watching them in telly/youtube :)

Here his new friend - from blocks ( from Wilko shop)

I think his new painting is actually a dinosaur - look:

I can tell you one thing for sure, making dinos from play dough and keep Dom away from them long enough to have a chance to take a photo of them was like a battle :)

First from dinos I made on his request:

And here whole collection just few minutes before they were 'extinct' :)

Did you ever thought you can use wrapping paper for something else than wrapping gifts? 
My boy did :) Big piece of wrapping paper which left me from Christmas was used by him as huge motorway for his monster trucks :) And then Dom decided he wants to hide underneath the paper :)

 What I did then? Just wrapped it around him in the form of tipi :) So shame pics are unclear :)

Faster, faster!

Mum, are you there???

Honestly, you don't need all these expensive toys for them, sometimes piece of wrapping paper is all they are really need ;) Plus paper not cost a fortune :)

Monday, 18 January 2016

January, January...

I can say we back to normal routine :)

Dom's enjoy nursery and pranks at home :)
He's invited for another Birthday party - end of February, so we have enough time to make cards and gifts ( all in double cause this time we have twins party to attend :)

Bunting for his room almost done :) I know - it take ages :)

He catch some artistic mojo I think, cause he run out from his paints - so bought him new set - 6 colours this time, plus he has play dough - real fun when we make dinosaurs from it for him :)

Finally catch some time for my crafting yesterday :) Results:

Summer reminiscence :)

Wisdom's the key

Key to my heart :)

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Tall Ships 2016 Blyth

Just cannot wait for end of August this year :)

Tall Ships Regattas!!!

Finally I will have a chance to show my son ship from Poland :)

She's called 'Dar Mlodziezy' - 'The Gift of Youth' and she's beautiful!!! 

I had a chance to be on her deck in May 2005 when she was in Port of Blyth and then in Newcastle upon Tyne.
Shame I couldn't find disc with my pics - will try it again. I had great time to show the town to part of her crew :)

Here her picture when she was leaving Blyth took by Edwin Blackburn

I'll have more pics this year for sure :) With my 2 men :)

Monday, 4 January 2016

New year is here :)

So we have year 2016! Last year past so fast...

Dom start school, I started writing blog, my etsy shop going ok I think, we visit few nice places - generally we had nice, busy year :)

What we done in first few days of new year? Hmmm... a bit :) Just a bit :)

Poster is placed on Dom's room door

Made for order by HayahDesigns from Etsy

Few more posters from the same shop placed on walls in his room ( one of them made specially for Dom ) - big thank you for Hayah :)

Will add bunting there soon ( still not finished, I can say... half done :) )

Here Dom's pillow - he's mad with dinosours :) T-Rex is his fave at the moment :)

New Year's day paintings created in co-op by Dom and his Daddy :)

And last but not least - my first creation this year! Diamond shaped pendant and earrings with superduo beads on copper :)