Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Lovely beans and easy-peasy desert :)

Last weekend we bought poshy looking yogurt called Russian fugde :) We decided to use it for desert, but first our fave bean patties :)

Sorry for horrible pictures, but my camera doesn't like light in my kitchen :(

For patties you need ( if cooking for 4):

2 cans of any beans ( I used 1 can mixed, cause that's enough to feed us 3:) - mashed
1 big carrot - grated
1 good size onion any kind ( I used shallots) - chopped
few pieces of sun-dried tomatos -chopped
grated cheese - 2-3 handfulls - we prefer Cheddar
few handfulls of bread crumbs

Onions, carrots and tomatos :)


Stir fry onion, tomatos, carrot and bit of ketchup until veggies softened, add to mashed beans, then add cheese and bread crumbs and mix well. Mixture need be firm to avoid breakage when fried.
Form nice size patties ( like burgers) and fry them on griddle pan just touched with oil.

Before frying

On plate with salad :)

My fast desert is a kind of variation of Eton mess :) Depend from ingredients used can be filling breakfast or light desert.

Last time when making it I used:
*Russian Fugde yogurt
*Hobnobs biscuits
*canned peaches

you can also use: whipped cream, digestive buiscuits, canned or fresh fruits of your choice for desert or: any yogurt, any fruits and dry fried chopped nuts and oats for breakfast version.

Start :)

Crumble biscuit first

then nice dollop of yogurt

then fruits, then repeat layers as many time as you want :)

Yummy result :)


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