Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Sneaky Santa game

Every year in our Etsy team we are playing Sneaky Santa game...

This year was challenging for me, cause my Sneaky partner did no wish list.

I had to play around - use everything I knew about her to find/made perfect gifts for her.


Leda is bookworm from Sicily, Italy who making beautiful felt accessories and bookmarks. She likes cards, earrings and definitely handmade stuff. I like illustrations she sharing on her FB.

I thought... book! But which one? She has so many and I have no idea which she still not have on her shelf... That was lots of thinking :) Result:

You can see movie made on this book in cinemas now!

One of my first attempts with copper - red semi-precious beads inside cages.

Pendant with stone found by myself on local beach during Summer.

Images from Ching's shop: https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/gjzcck?ref=l2-shopheader-name, I coloured for Leda :) I thought she can like them :)

Little Christmas card with stamp from Tiddly Inks.

Leda received her parcel today and looks like she likes her gifts, so I can show you what I found/made for her :)

What do you think about my gifts? Do you like them?

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Winter is coming

Gee title of post like motto from 'Game of Thrones' :)

But fact is that the winter is coming... weather's changing here in the UK. More like 'raining season' plus lots of winds and low temperatures...

My wish to have here some nice amount of snow to have a chance to' build a snowman' (like in Frozen) with my little boy :).

So far when we are lucky to have nice sunny days we can spot this beauty:

I can say this year I saw a lots of them :) Sometimes even double rainbows with so intense colours... just amazing views :)

Yesterday's weather wasn't so nice for us... storm hit east side of UK... strong winds plus rain and hailstones for whole night.

Below you can see street in front of Dom's school today morning - it is like have one more river in the town.

Fingers crossed today we will have less rain... 
Forecast for tomorrow - no rain, dry and sunny spells... We will see..

Thursday, 10 November 2016

Chicken stew 😊

I received new toy from my man - slow cooker 😊.  Yesterday I cleaned it and run it first time, then cleaned it again as stayed in instruction 😊.
Today was time to cook something in it!

Hmmm... I thought the best will be beef, but recepies I saw in net didn't catch my eye... maybe just I didn't found 'this one'.

So I decided to make kind of chicken stew. Why kind of? Simply because I put all I had at home into it 😊. So... in my stew you can find: 2 chicken breasts ( possibly bit too much, but my boys love chicken ), 2 small carrots, 1 small red onion, 3/4 of turnip, nice bit of celeriac, few halved baby potatoes, garlic clove, can of chopped tomatoes plus cup and a bit of water, bit of salt, black pepper, powdered garlic and allspice.
Near the end of cooking I added 2 handfuls of Frozen peas 😊.

Result of this experiment was not bad, but ... I need to try different cooking settings next time to be sure we'll not wait for our food too long 😊.

Plus add less water to have our stew bit thicker 😊. 
If you know some nice recipes - give me a shout - want to try something new next week with my new toy 😉.