Friday, 30 September 2016

The Heritage Card Box

Today I want you to meet people from The Heritage Card Box - little shop on specialized in greeting cards.

Beautiful shop banner don't you think?

But my dear friends, we need to back to the point :) The Heritage Card Box is family thing, really.
Meet: Kinslea, Jalen, Judith and Oma :)
Kinslea is shop owner and creator, Jalen is her older brother who dealing with technical side of shop, Judith - Kinslea and Jalen Mum - creator and last, but definitely not least - Oma - Kinslea's Grandma and cards' creator from whom all these story began.

Family lives in Youngsville, North Carolina, USA.

photo found through Google search :)
Picturesque little town.

I decided to ask Kinslea few questions.

How old you were when your Oma start to teach you card making?
A. Oma, some of my cousins, and I started this as a creative project to work on together when we went to her house every other Monday afternoon. I would say we started making cards when I was about 9 years old.

Oma's craft room

Tell us bit more about your family - are all your siblings 'artistic souls' ?
A. My dad is definitely very artistic. My brother also got those artistic genes as well. He is self-employed as a website designer (you can visit his website at My other three brothers are pretty artistic on varying degrees. I think overall most of my family is artistic and creative.

Card made by Judith 

Card made by Kinslea 

Card made by Oma 

What do you like about your hometown?
A. What I like the most about my hometown is that it is fairly small and quiet. You feel like you are out in the country, yet you aren't.

Photo taken and copyrighted by Don Solomon Photography.

Autumn in North Carolina - beautiful photo - if you want to see more pics from area please check:

You, your Mam and your Oma all enjoy cooking - what each of you love to cook?
A. My Oma is the best cook I ever met! Opa (my grandfather) says he has never tasted any of her cooking that he does not like. I have to agree with him. She is definitely a gourmet cook!!! My mom is also a very good cook, and is always finding awesome recipes. I still have a lot to learn, but I love experimenting with different recipes. My mom and I enjoy finding healthy recipes on Pinterest to make for our family. (You can view my profile here: I have a few boards with a collection of recipes).
Your family team loves to read - what kind of books do you read?
A. Oma, Mom, and I are all Christians, and the book we love the best is the Bible. Second to that, I enjoy reading the Lamplighter Collection ( a collection of old books that have been republished) and the authors Douglas Bond, John J. Horn, Sarah Maxwell, and others. My siblings and I were taught by my Mom and Dad at an early age to read, and all of us love reading!!!
Do you have any extra projects for Christmas?
A. I am not sure if I'm going to be doing anything specifically for Christmas yet, right now I'm focusing on making cards for a national event at the end of October that I'm going to be a vendor at. After that I am going to be working on setting up more listing and packs in my shop, and then I may offer Christmas cards. I may even run a sale, so stay tuned for that!!!

Definitely we stay tuned for that :)


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