Saturday, 24 December 2016

Meet Tula :).

When we saw Tula first time about 3 weeks ago she was so small that I could keep her in one hand.

                                          Yesterday she became a part of our little family :).

She's bigger since we saw her last time but still small as any chipin is :).
She loves her food, her toys and definitely she's a playful little creature :).

Tula is checking cardboard :)

Playing with Dom's allosaurus :)

She loves cuddles and Dom loves to cuddle her :). He can do that all the time if we allow him :)

Plus she's kind of nocturnal for now :). I never have to woke up that many times when Dom was an infant :).
Sorry if pics are not clear enough, but my phone not cooperating with me when is bit darker in the room.


  1. Monika, that is the cutest little dog! I never heard of a chipin before, I had to look it up, but she is just perfect for your small boy, and what a great photo of them together!

  2. Thanks Matthew!!! Already have some more cute pics of them together :)