Saturday, 3 December 2016

Happy Birthday to me 😊

Do you like birthdays?

I do, but not mine. I'm not type of party girl and I prefer not to see numbers showing how fast time is flying...

Oh yeah I reached 40 this year... to be honest with you I felt kind of old before my birthday. .. kind of depression or something? No idea...

Maybe because cold don't want to leave me alone, maybe because card I used for my digis ( back-up) seems to be corrupted/partially damaged and treating half of my digis as empty files :(

Last weekend my partner said: Come on girl, you are not old, stop to talk about prices, treat yourself!

  He was right! Can you imagine, I didn't saw my hairdresser for over half a year! I was more concerned about my son look then mine! 

So.... Yesterday in my birthday I went for hot chocolate, deal with few small things and then chilled out (half a day without my men). 

Today to treat myself and went to hairdresser and finally dealt with my hair and I feel like human being again:)

Also yesterday or maybe day before I found new issue of my crafty mag in my letterbox with this cutie pie as free gift 

and realized that it doesn't mater how old I am as long as I like myself, my life and all I'm doing.

Yes I'm 40, but that just funny number :) Life is way to short to think about numbers, better to be positive and live the life the way we want! I like my birthdays again, just like when I was little girl :)

Till next post friends!
Stay positive!


  1. Missed your birthday on the actual day, Monika, but I still want to wish you a happy birthday belatedly! Great post, and love your positive attitude!