Sunday, 25 September 2016

Crafting and family time

Long break with writing again... really bad bad me :)

Last week was very fast, just started and finished in blink of eye.

I was busy making bracelet replacement and that lead back to playing with seed beads again - good thing :). Why? I decided to make another wrapping seed beads bracelet, but in half way I had some funny thought: 'Why not make wire weaved pendant with seed beads and put it on seed beads necklace?'. Result of this thinking? Check below :)

After that I made two more pendants with seed beads :)

Meantime Dom was playing with paints - I gave him watercolour paper, so I'll use his masterpiece as background for cards for his Nanas soon :)

Also catch time to make card for card swap in my FB group - theme: Friendship.

I love Marina Fedotova ilustrations and stamps :) Shame I have just few of them, really want to have more - reason: they are really cute :)

Yesterday had bit of time for colouring, so did this cutie for new Christmas card.

Late afternoon yesterday we decided to have active family time and we went outside to play with Dom's new kite. He received owl kite as a gift from one of our neighbours :)

Beautiful flying :)

Bit dark pic, but was very cloudy and also already after 6pm :)

Our owl is catching mouse on this pic :)

We were outside bit over an hour and even not realized that until we back home - we had great fun :) Dom loves his kite and definitely we will play with it again very soon :)


  1. Great blog Monika I'll bet Dom had a great time with the owl kite!!

  2. Great kite, Monika -- owls are my favorite! And I really like that cutie for Christmas card, look forward to seeing it in your shop.

  3. Owl kite is so cute! And I love your fairy cards!