Monday, 4 January 2016

New year is here :)

So we have year 2016! Last year past so fast...

Dom start school, I started writing blog, my etsy shop going ok I think, we visit few nice places - generally we had nice, busy year :)

What we done in first few days of new year? Hmmm... a bit :) Just a bit :)

Poster is placed on Dom's room door

Made for order by HayahDesigns from Etsy

Few more posters from the same shop placed on walls in his room ( one of them made specially for Dom ) - big thank you for Hayah :)

Will add bunting there soon ( still not finished, I can say... half done :) )

Here Dom's pillow - he's mad with dinosours :) T-Rex is his fave at the moment :)

New Year's day paintings created in co-op by Dom and his Daddy :)

And last but not least - my first creation this year! Diamond shaped pendant and earrings with superduo beads on copper :)


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