Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Around Christmas :)

We had busy time before, during and after Christmas.

Start of redecorating room for Dom you could see in previous post :) Still few things need to be done there before Dom will move there for full enjoyment of having his own space. Most of his things found new place there already - bed, clothes, few toys. We add posters with Dom's faves and photos on walls and new lamp shade which we decorated with sticky dinosaurs with Dom :)

Meantime we were in Newcastle for little trip - using sunny day :)

Dom in Hancock Museum - he loves dinosaurs section ( 5 full rounds around the hall :))

Checking fossils

Playing with puzzles

More fossils

Look for this huge T-Rex behind me!

Dom is also fan of Discovery Museum :) Here with Turbinia on ground floor

Bit of reading about Turbinia :)

Newcastle in Middle Ages

And here in Victorian times :) Dom was really fast and unfortunately for us batteries in camera gone flat...

We bought new ones to takes some more pics tho :) Specially Fenwick Christmas Windows - Dom enjoyed it a lot :) Here what he saw:

Santa's sleigh with police ticket for speeding ;)

Santa stuck in chimney :)

Elves busy delivering gifts :)


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