Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Jewellery - gift for Mum needed :)

Yeah, that how my jewellery making starts :) I needed gift for my Mum :) She is always up to date with fashion trends - not like me :) I'm tomboy happy with pair of jeans and T-shirt :)

I was cheeky and asked her what colours are in the season :) In that time in fashion was whole spectrum of browns plus beige. So I decided I buy tiger eye beads and silver plated chain and components and make bracelet and necklace for her. Unfortunately didn't make pic of this set, but she still wear it :)

In about the same time I make few other pieces.

Necklace from this set I gave to our lovely neighbour for her birthday.

This set not exist any more, just restring it few months later...

Still have this funny necklace - actually I made two of them :)

I totally re-model this pair of earrings few months ago

here they are

To be honest with you, I love to make earrings and bracelets :) and made lots of them - if you check my etsy shop you can find there around 30 pairs of earrings and 30 different bracelets :) 

I love to play with seed beads when making earrings, eg.

Bracelets made with seed beads can be also cool :) Seed beads are very useful when making jewellery, and to be honest with you they don't have to be expensive ones.

I think I'll show you few other pieces in next post :) Specially little set I made for my Sneaky Santa partner :)


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