Friday, 4 December 2015

Busy, busy.... :)

Happy receiver/buyer is like a balm on the heart if you know what I mean by that :)

Looks like my gift choices/makes for my Sneaky Santa partner were exactly this what she needed in the moment  - Merry Christmas Charlie!!!

Pic from her Instagram :)

Photos of blue set and Christmas card I made for her you could see in my previous posts, here rest of my makes for her:

Writing/stationary set  - this is my first ever done :)

Cute earrings from SelmaDreams etsy shop :)

Lovely card from Ilovemypencil shop - also Etsy :)

Now I'll be working on bracelet - Xmas gift for my partner's Mum - planning wrap bracelet :) and have card to make for Quick Cards Made Easy Design Team :) Beautiful papers :)

I'm also thinking about making similar jewellery set to this I made for Charlie, but in different colour scheme... maybe I add bracelet to it :)

Plus lots of paper wrapping is awaiting for my attention ( mostly gifts for my little boy)  :)


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