Wednesday, 2 December 2015

More jewellery - still more to learn :)

Bit more about jewellery making :)

I like wire wrapping, but still need more practise.

Beadwork is amazing - so many techniques, so many patterns, I just start to learn this and when lurking through pinterest I can see how much to learn I still have :)

Maybe one day I'll try dealing more with wires and metals and use some hammering :) I love copper jewellery :)

When I started with jewellery making I was using only silver plated components, later bit of copper and brass.

Here's my first jewellery set sold on Etsy

Bracelet was the hardest bit to do, I was restringing it three times before I decided that it is finally perfect :)

This delicate wired lapis lazuli bracelet was bought by Australian girl :)

I like chains when making bracelets, they are easier to use when want specific size of new piece.

Sometimes I was using other kinds of materials then wire or chain for my pieces, eg.

leather suede

waxed cord

Bit of beadwork :) Not easy, but after some practising - very satisfying :) Here few pics with started pieces -  we can say 'work in progress' :)

Here few finished pieces :)

Few pieces made for fun :)

And here something I made for my Sneaky Santa partner

I'm blue addict as you can see :)

That all for today!


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