Wednesday, 16 December 2015

What a day!

First had to woke up Dom who decided sleep much longer then usually - today was his first school trip day and we couldn't be late.
He was grumpy and didn't want let Mummy go home... cried a bit when I was leaving him at nursery room.

Then have some shopping to do, post to send out ( pair of red earrings - sold yesterday evening), washing and cleaning at home plus some thinking what to make for dinner.
Then some checking what's new on etsy - Sneak Attack day in one of the teams plus still on-going Treasury Blitz in other one :) Lots to do :)

Then picking Dom from school after his trip with asking Ladies how he was during his day - they said he had lovely day, he was very talkative and saw the Santa - he back with nice book about Santa's Reindeer :) and happy me - he ate almost all his lunch :)

After reaching home my little boy decided to finish breadsticks and listening some music.

His choice for today

For me was still bit of work to do - savoury treat for kids for Christmas party. Hope they will like them ;)

I will know tomorrow :)


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