Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Dom and his monster trucks :)

My boy likes lots of things: trains, dinosaurs, cars, bikes, snakes, sharks, crocodiles plus some other nasty looking or behaving animals :), but his last love are MONSTER TRUCKS :)

He loves to watch them on YouTube :) in cartoons, but prefers Monster Trucks Shows :) He has few monster truck toys - few colours and sizes :)

Here you can see Dom with his newest pair :)

Red and Green :)

Flip over :)

Don't want more pics Mum!

Ready... Steady....


Look Mum, this one is Red :)

And this one is Green :)

I just cannot wait for Christmas to see his face when he'll open all this boxes we have for him :) Puzzles with planes, construction vehicles set and two sets of wooden trains with rails etc :) Hope big box of puzzles from his Nana will be here on time too :)


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