Thursday, 21 January 2016

Play dough dinos and other stuff :)

Finally have some pics retrieve from one of my camera cards :) Shame this one is not compatible with our laptop.... But thanks to very nice man from computer shop I have all pics back exactly there where I need them :)

Dinosaurs - big love of my boy :) He has poster with them in his room, he's 'reading' books about them, watching them in telly/youtube :)

Here his new friend - from blocks ( from Wilko shop)

I think his new painting is actually a dinosaur - look:

I can tell you one thing for sure, making dinos from play dough and keep Dom away from them long enough to have a chance to take a photo of them was like a battle :)

First from dinos I made on his request:

And here whole collection just few minutes before they were 'extinct' :)

Did you ever thought you can use wrapping paper for something else than wrapping gifts? 
My boy did :) Big piece of wrapping paper which left me from Christmas was used by him as huge motorway for his monster trucks :) And then Dom decided he wants to hide underneath the paper :)

 What I did then? Just wrapped it around him in the form of tipi :) So shame pics are unclear :)

Faster, faster!

Mum, are you there???

Honestly, you don't need all these expensive toys for them, sometimes piece of wrapping paper is all they are really need ;) Plus paper not cost a fortune :)


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