Thursday, 13 October 2016

Life with bathroom re-do :)

We decided that is time to give our bathroom some make-over. After living in our home 7 years we were sick of wallpaper there. Now our bathroom is almost done :) New tiles, spotlights, bath etc. and no more pink :).

I'm laughing that I changed myself into 'rainbow catcher' - few days in row we could admire rainbows :)

Dom spotted this beauty when we were on a walk :)

Other day we were in mood for Chinese and I took my bamboo steamer out of box and made 'money bags' :) Hmmm yummy - Dom fell in love with sticky plum sauce :).

He was also in crafty mood one day - result above :)

I made this card for his Daddy yesterday - today is his birthday :)

And finally found a time to start book 2 of Dark Tower by Stephen King.

Fingers crossed our bathroom will be done today :) Cannot wait :)


  1. Bathroom remodeling can cause lots of inconvenience, but I know you're going to love the results when finished!

  2. Bathroom finished and I love it 😊