Saturday, 25 March 2017

Day on the beach

We had so beautiful day today, that we decided to spent some time on the beach.

Dom took his bucket and spade, he wanted to build sandcastles :)

Sky was almost totally blue...

I spent little bit of time looking for sea glass - not much luck today, but saw lots of interesting pebbles and shells.

Dom was digging holes with his spade, asking Daddy for water to pour in there and I was working on sandcastle, which we finished together decorating it with stones and shells.

Then we went to Coastline restaurant for hot chocolate, cake and ice creams :) After sweet treat we back to the beach where we could observe high tide. 

Our sandcastle was already gone under waves, but Dom still could dig some more holes and back home with lots of sand in his shoes :)

That's all for today friends!
Till next post!


  1. As long as he had a good time, he can always build a new sand castle!!

  2. Beautiful day for the beach Monika! That looks like our summer days, not spring!

    1. Was just 15 degrees Celsius 😊. So definitely spring Judy 😊.

  3. Beautiful country and a fun time! :)

  4. wonderful blog, a day in the life of Monika <3