Monday, 18 July 2016

Cullercoast and Tynemouth

We had beautiful Saturday - amazing weather, nice trip, yummy food :)

Some people can take us for some kind of crazies, cause we don't have a car, not even single driving licence and we are pretty much limited with places we are going to not specially huge area, but belive me walking or using buses is not that bad really :)

North East of England has lots of places you can reach on feet or by bus if you want to :)

We are living in the middle between Newcastle and Morpeth I can say, cause we spend exactly the same amount of time in bus to those places which are for us in opposite directions :)

So... last Saturday we caught 308 bus and left it in Whitley Bay - whole 15-20 minutes in the bus :)
Then we just went along promenade near sea to Cullercoast - with Dom this nice distance took us about 45minutes, maybe less.

We reached the beach just half an hour before Harbour Day fun start there.

Dom has his time on the sand, playing with his tank, checking boats, eating cupcakes and bouncing on bouncy castle :). Then we decided to move :)

View from street level - Cullercoast beach 

We were still on feet, using route near sea to reach our next destination of the day - Tynemouth, another 30-40 minutes.
We past Tynemouth beach and directed ourselves to Tynemouth Castle & Priory when Dom decided he's hungry :) We stopped in The Gibraltar Rock pub for gorgeous carvery and chocolate ice creams.
Then we went to castle :)

Dom was climbing everything he could :) And I was taking pics of castle and priory remains :)

Weather was fab and pics are sooo crisp if I can use this word :)
Then we just use the same route to back home - on feet to Whitley Bay and then bus to home :)

Cullercoast beach was packed with people when we were in our way to Whitley Bay as you can see on pic above.
We are little bit sunburned, but we loved every minute of our Saturday :)


  1. Love all the pictures I would love to see some of the castles in England!!

    1. We saw few already, not sure if I added their pics to blog before, will check it and if not will do that in next post :)