Sunday, 10 July 2016

What I read lately

I'm reading as much as possible every single day :) Guilty of almost eating books!!!

During last week I managed to read The First Apostle and The Moses Stone by James Becker ( started The Messiah Secret) and just finished Kell's Legend - first cook of The Clockwork Vampire Chronicles by Andy Remic (second book is laying near my hand :).

Have also 3 books of Agatha Christie waiting for my attention :)

Books by James Becker are like compilation of action, crime, history and thriller in one. Main characters Chris Bronson and his ex - wife Angela have no easy life. He's policeman, she's working for British Museum.

Relics, religion, politics, mafia.... You can find all these in here. Interesting plot which really can make you think.

Religious artifacts, crime, egoistic historians, Mossad - all these and more in 'The Moses Stone'. Want to know a bit about Ark of Covenant (Mr Becker is keeping known facts in place and rest of his story is fiction) - great book to read.

Hmmm... fantasy, steampunk, vampires.... Yeah! :) But I need to warn you - if you have weak stomach this book can be bit too much for you. As my man told me - action on every page plus no point to be attached to characters, you don't know what happens few sentences, pages later.
Interesting world, great plot, fantastic story and all happening very fast! Cannot wait to put my hands on next book from the trilogy :)


  1. I'm in the middle of The Messiah Secret at the moment Theresa :) First his book for me was Nosferatu Scroll :) He's really good!