Wednesday, 20 July 2016

For Theresa - castles & other nice places :)

I know Theresa wants to come to the UK and see some castles and other nice historical sites here. I'm living in Northumberland, county in northeast England, near border with Scotland. So we have here lots of castles, manors, halls etc.

Every time we had a chance to see anything we were just going for trip - bus, train, we didn't bother weather, we just wanted to know country we choose to live in and we still going for trips every time weather allows us :)

The nearest historical building for us except churches in town we live in is Seaton Delaval Hall - beautiful architecture and very nice gardens :)

Next is Tynemouth with castle and priory remains.

Hylton castle in Sunderland - not massive, more like a tower.

Then Morpeth with whole town centre and amazing Turner's Gardens. Gardens on pic - castle is situated on the hill above it.

Warkworth with Castle and Hermitage (we didn't saw hermitage as yet ).

Bamburgh Castle - we saw it from Holy Island, but weren't there yet.

Dunstanburgh Castle near Craster, Northumberland.

Lindisfarne Castle on Holy Island - view from Lindisfarne Priory.

Lindisfarne Castle - view from the road.

View from remains of Berwick Castle - Berwick upon Tweed

Tower you can find in Berwick upon Tweed :)

Carlisle Castle - big with dark history.

Skipton Castle - Yorkshire

Fountain Abbey - Yorkshire - never saw sooo big abbey - building remains are enormous! Plus gardens - great place for 1-day trip.

Model of Peveril Castle  - Derbyshire

View from its remain tower.

Roman forts on Hadrians Wall are for whole trip - we were in Birdoswald and Vindolanda. I also saw Arbeia - near South Shields. We planning to visit Arbeia and Segedunum Fort ( Newcastle area) soon. So new pics soon :) 
We also were twice in Belsay Hall, Castle and Gardens - unfortunately cannot find pics from there on my laptop (possibly I have them on one of CD :)

We were few times in Alnwick Castle ( beautiful gardens) - Harry Potter movies were filmed there - cannot find my pics, ehhh....

Also don't have decent pics of Castle Keep in Newcastle upon Tyne :(
And we still have lots to see around North East of England.

If you want to know more about places you can visit in the UK check English Heritage web: or National Trust web: or Historic Scotland web:


  1. Love, love, love all the pictures!!

    1. Have much more Theresa :) Always taking a lots of them when on trips :)