Thursday, 14 July 2016

Transition week

Yeah... Transition week no 1 :)

Funny, specially that this whole transition will take 1.5 week and is connected with my little boy :)

Not so little now anyway - last Friday they had 'bye-bye party' at nursery and on Monday they were all moved to Reception Class, so last 1.5 week at school before Summer holiday for Dom will be not at Nursery class but in Reception.

We were on nice Bparty last Saturday - kids had lots of fun :) Meantime Dom was invited for another Bparty and he decided what he wants on his friend bracelet:

Only Libby can decide now she will wear it as bracelet or as necklace :)
Now Dom and I need to decide what kind of card we will make for her - nice stamp or cute ready made animal image.

I finished:

Great book! Now need to check if can have anything else of Mr Becker from library :)

As you see, I already started next book from 'The Clockwork Vampire Chronicles'. I love Remic's style and I'm not surprised my man loves it too - he's finishing last book from these serie and is eager to find something else written by Andy Remic.

These funny looking pair I made yesterday - ear sweeps - for non pierced girls who love earrings :)

That's all for today ;) Till next post!


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