Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Show must go on :)

'Show must go on' like Freddie was singing, and for me here 'Life must go on' :)
So no complaining for cold, red nose, headaches etc. Time for little bit of crafty work :)

That's how my crafting table looked today :)

Lots of papers etc on table and chair :) Choosing colour scheme for cards is my constant and neverending nightmare :)

After about 1.5 hour I have for my crafting....

few cards just waiting for sticking together, have all prepared for 6 of them :)

Bit of stamping for Christmas cards done :)

Colour schemes chosen for my new stamped images - was really hard :) Hope they turn out good when finish them :)

Who knows if I don't change my mind about papers when I start to put them together :) Time to finish my cup of tea and go to nursery to pick up my little boy :)


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