Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Dom's masterpieces

Wow, this is my 100th post... Still couldn't believe I'm writing so long :)

I decided to show you my son's paintings today, cause I think this is good theme for 'jubilee' post ;)

Dominik is 4 and obsessed with painting lately. One of my friends said that is good for him, cause thanks to painting he practicing grabbing objects like brush, pencil or pen in correct way to be ready for school ( he's starting reception in September).

Dom created over 40 pieces in about 2 weeks time - quite a lot, don't you think? Dom calls lots of them 'Rokokos'.


Looks like a bison for me...

Racing car?

Flying duck?


Hmmm, bug or maybe dinosaur...

No idea... but I love it :)

Vase with flowers?


Leaf or flower?

One of  ladies who lives few streets from us says I should start selling his paintings, but to be honest I want to keep them for him, to show him later how much he loved to paint :)
Am I wrong???

By the way... Thank you all for reading my posts!


  1. Love the Flower one and the vase of flowers also, I think he will appreciate it if you kept them for him. Wow 100 post you go girl!!

  2. Trying my best Theresa plus I'm happy Dom is so creative :)