Tuesday, 23 August 2016

South Shields, korma and potato pancakes

I should write this post yesterday, but my boy had a little accident which left him with a cut near his lower lip.. Hope that stop him from climbing everywhere he think he can or want.. At least no stitches were needed, so no extra stress for him and me.

Back to the post theme...

We were once more in South Shields. Dom likes metro and ferry :) We decided to check properly the town and find park and beach I saw once back in 2005... Not easy task, believe it or not :)

From town centre we directed ourselves to the seafront with short stop in a restaurant called Indian Essence for lunch - best chicken korma ever for me :)

After yummy food we found South Marine Park - beautiful place with miniature steam train, boating lake, crazy monuments, band stand and nice playground area for kids.

This strange looking piece fascinated Dom.

We were lucky that day - live music welcome us in the park :) Boys were playing 60s, 70s hits eg. The Beatles :)

Then we found a beach - huge, 'American style' as my partner described it :)

No comment for this :)

Near beach - holiday park, restaurant in train coach and amusement park. Plus from the beach we could saw Tynemouth Priory and Castle remains on our left side and beautiful cliffs on right. I was looking for one more thing there which I was remember from my first visit in South Shields years ago - funny looking stone monuments and...

we found them on Littlehaven Beach and Promanade :)

I couldn't forget that chicken korma we ate so my man said: 'find recipe and try to cook it from scratches, sauce from the jar never give you this taste', he was right... So... I searched net and found recipe which looks nice - great pics and writing - result of my cooking... Yummy!!! If you want to try this recipe, here link to Anetta's 'The Wanderlust Kitchen' blog post: http://thewanderlustkitchen.com/indian-chicken-korma/

Sorry I'm not putting pics of 'my korma' here, but we were more eager to eat than taking photos :)

We like potato pancakes ( some call them latkes), usually I was making them the same way my Mum is doing them, but... then I saw little different version, and now I'm making my own version :)

few potatoes (about 3 nice sized is enough for us), grated; 
finally chopped small onion or 2-3 spring onions;
2-3 slices of ham, diced (can be any other piece of deli meat you like eg. salami);
few spoons of sweetcorn (from can :);
1 egg;
about 1/3 cup of milk;
flour - enough to make pancake batter
pinch of salt
about 1/8 of teaspoon of black pepper
plus optional:
1/8 or more of teaspoon of powdered garlic
nice pinch of powdered allspice

First mix egg, milk and flour and don't worry about amount of batter, then add rest of ingredients and mix until all will be coated nicely by batter and then fry your mixture on good amount of oil until golden and crispy, drain from excess of oil and serve the way you prefer.

Bit of frying :)

Draining :)

On the plate with garlic sauce ( natural yogurt with crashed garlic) and little tomato salad :)

Just experiment with recipe, add more spices or less, resign or add more ingredients - who knows - maybe you'll find your own version of them :) Enjoy!


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