Monday, 29 August 2016

Tall Ships Regatta 2016 Blyth

That was crazy weekend, crazy and long!

To be honest with ya, we saw first ships on Thursday, late afternoon.

Dar Mlodziezy, Gdynia, Poland

Craziness started next day :) They were coming to Blyth Port one by one and all who were this day here could see them coming and docking in Blyth Quayside :)

Kapitan Borchardt, Gdansk, Poland

Fryderyk Chopin, Szczecin, Poland

Christian Redich, Oslo, Norway

People who came to Blyth this weekend could see and visit over 20 ships ( but they had to wait in long queues), I can say one thing - town was very busy :) 
Kids could enjoy Fun Fair and have made pics with our own Captain Jack Sparrow ;) - he is on his way to Gothenburg, Sweden on a board of Shtandart - beautiful replica of 1703  Russian frigate. Pic below.

The oldest ship in port was Oosterschelde from the Netherlands

Here information board about her:

Kids had a chance to see the biggest ship build from Lego bricks - that was a view! 

Dom enjoyed sitting in cabin of Royal Navy Rescue helicopter :) We had 3 of them in port area :)

Plus we saw very cheeky robot who was chasing nice looking girls :)

Three nights in row we had fireworks display in port - sorry for quality of pic.

View from our garden.

Visitors could enjoy live music on 3 different stages around town, lots of food stalls and other attractions.

North Tyneside Steelband in front of Frameworks Art Cafe in Blyth town centre.

If you want to know more about ships which were here this weekend, check:

Overall we wish that Blyth town could host more events similar to this one in future. 


  1. Great post Monika! Ships are beautiful!

  2. How fun! and awesome post Monika :)

  3. Great post Monika, thank you for sharing this fun and interesting excursion with us - I LOVE all the cool photos! <3

  4. Wonderful pictures, Monika! I remember how much I enjoyed seeing the tall ships when they had them in New York years ago.

  5. Thank you Matthew! We had crowds here :) I saw Dar Mlodziezy 11 years ago here :)