Monday, 1 August 2016

South Shields and Arbeia :)

We had beautiful Saturday, so we decided to go for little trip. We bought Explorer tickets and off we went :)

We caught bus to Newcastle, deal with some stuff, then go for Chinatown to eat nice buns and drink some jasmine tea in BreadPoint - This little place is our fave stop when we're going to the town :)

After nice snack we caught metro to South Shields. First proper stop there we made in South Shields Museum and Art Gallery, where we had a chance to see 'St Tropez' by Pierre Auguste Renoir and few other interesting paintings and I met nice lady crafter which creations you can find here:
This museum maybe is not huge, but I love stained glass window there:

Amazing colours.

Our next stop was Arbeia Roman Fort and Museum. Dom was very excited and had a chance to see lots of models, check roman soldiers barracks and run wild between remains of fort.

Pieces from Roman Temple

Fort's West Gate - reconstruction

Roman soldiers quarters

Image of fort - remains in background 

Model of Arbeia fort.

Later on our way to Ferry stand we found little place run by volunteers and we had opportunity to find out a bit more about lifeguard boats and life on sea - we'll be back there soon to see almost 100 years old lifeguard boat back on water after restoration :) If you want to know bit more about place we found -check:

We back home tired, but happy cause we had lovely day.


  1. More great pictures and interesting history!!

    1. UK is full of history, we're learning everyday Theresa :)

  2. Great blog, Monika, sounds like a fun time! I saw some ancient ruins on my trip to England in 1979 and found them very interesting to explore.