Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Around Christmas :)

We had busy time before, during and after Christmas.

Start of redecorating room for Dom you could see in previous post :) Still few things need to be done there before Dom will move there for full enjoyment of having his own space. Most of his things found new place there already - bed, clothes, few toys. We add posters with Dom's faves and photos on walls and new lamp shade which we decorated with sticky dinosaurs with Dom :)

Meantime we were in Newcastle for little trip - using sunny day :)

Dom in Hancock Museum - he loves dinosaurs section ( 5 full rounds around the hall :))

Checking fossils

Playing with puzzles

More fossils

Look for this huge T-Rex behind me!

Dom is also fan of Discovery Museum :) Here with Turbinia on ground floor

Bit of reading about Turbinia :)

Newcastle in Middle Ages

And here in Victorian times :) Dom was really fast and unfortunately for us batteries in camera gone flat...

We bought new ones to takes some more pics tho :) Specially Fenwick Christmas Windows - Dom enjoyed it a lot :) Here what he saw:

Santa's sleigh with police ticket for speeding ;)

Santa stuck in chimney :)

Elves busy delivering gifts :)

Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Crazy time before Christmas :)

So many things to do and not enough time...

Dom is off from nursery which not helping at all :) but surely make this time funnier :)

Some time ago I had a chance to put my hands on 'The art of beadweaving' by Jane Lock. I found there few nice projects to try. My first was Friendship Bracelet. I made it for myself with twisted bugle beads and black seed beads, cause of not regular shape of seed beads bracelet looks bit out of shape but I love it :)

Looks rather small, but I have small wrist :)

One end :)

Second end :)

And how its look on my wrist :)

We decided to redecorate small room to give our boy his own space. Dom was helping with removals :)

So we can say: first part of job is done :) Now time for hoovering and placing Dom's stuff in the room :) I'll be making some bunting for him, maybe will start today if I'll find a time.

Thursday, 17 December 2015

Bit of cooking :)

My partner decided he wants something different today for our dinner and suggested Moroccan food.

I opened Uncle Google and did some search :) Found nice recipe for couscous on BBC site and amazing blog written by Moroccan girl ( check it out: http://mymoroccanfood.com ).

Then I bought some extra bits and start cooking :)

Start looked like this:

All chopped

Meat covered with spices :)

Then all these nice things landed in the pan and .... magic starts :)

Later on was time for couscous ....

Bit of herbs, lemon and olive oil and couscous with stock in bowl :)

All these preps finished on our plates:

Believe me - our plates doesn't look like this for long :) Yummy!!!

Original recipe for tagine you can find here: 


Wednesday, 16 December 2015

What a day!

First had to woke up Dom who decided sleep much longer then usually - today was his first school trip day and we couldn't be late.
He was grumpy and didn't want let Mummy go home... cried a bit when I was leaving him at nursery room.

Then have some shopping to do, post to send out ( pair of red earrings - sold yesterday evening), washing and cleaning at home plus some thinking what to make for dinner.
Then some checking what's new on etsy - Sneak Attack day in one of the teams plus still on-going Treasury Blitz in other one :) Lots to do :)

Then picking Dom from school after his trip with asking Ladies how he was during his day - they said he had lovely day, he was very talkative and saw the Santa - he back with nice book about Santa's Reindeer :) and happy me - he ate almost all his lunch :)

After reaching home my little boy decided to finish breadsticks and listening some music.

His choice for today

For me was still bit of work to do - savoury treat for kids for Christmas party. Hope they will like them ;)

I will know tomorrow :)

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Dom and his monster trucks :)

My boy likes lots of things: trains, dinosaurs, cars, bikes, snakes, sharks, crocodiles plus some other nasty looking or behaving animals :), but his last love are MONSTER TRUCKS :)

He loves to watch them on YouTube :) in cartoons, but prefers Monster Trucks Shows :) He has few monster truck toys - few colours and sizes :)

Here you can see Dom with his newest pair :)

Red and Green :)

Flip over :)

Don't want more pics Mum!

Ready... Steady....


Look Mum, this one is Red :)

And this one is Green :)

I just cannot wait for Christmas to see his face when he'll open all this boxes we have for him :) Puzzles with planes, construction vehicles set and two sets of wooden trains with rails etc :) Hope big box of puzzles from his Nana will be here on time too :)

Friday, 11 December 2015

Old stuff & cards in craft magazines

I was through pics of my creations and realised, that lots of my cards were printed in mags like Quick Cards Made Easy, Simply Cards and Papercraft, Cardmaking and Papercraft.

Most of them in Quick Cards :) I lost some of photos unfortunately...

Below some of cards printed in mags mentioned above

I was playing with cards, jewellery and other crafty thingies :) From older creations:

Fizzy Moon bear card bought by lady from States :)

One of my first children bracelets

Playing with canvas, etc

Still have some of them :)

Will back to this theme some day soon - hopefully will find more pics to show you :)

Thursday, 10 December 2015

Papercrafting mojo :)

We had cutting and gluing morning with Dom today :) More practice with scissors and he'll be really good :) He really loves cutting papers for pieces. We used last year Xmas papers :)

Here's floor in living room when he stopped cutting :)

We used some of this 'mess' to make a card with patchwork background

First I cut out some snowmen - he was choosing which :) and then we glued all on scalloped card blank. Looks great for me :)

By the way, finally I had a chance to take photos of cards I made with my new LOTV stamps :) Here they are :) Still no sentiments on - possibly all of them will be for birthday :)

Looks like I like purple on my cards these days ;)