Thursday, 17 March 2016

Baking Club and plans for Easter

Foggy week.... Just little bit of sun... Hope that will change for better for weekend.

Sometimes I feel like a barometer... Headaches when pressure is going up and down... moody and tired when see no sun... sleepy during the day and totally not during night time.. crazy isn't it?

Ah, well... getting old I think :)

On Tuesday Dom had his first day in Baking Club at nursery and I think he enjoyed it, cause 'talked' a lot after I picked him up :)

They were making Gruffalo Crumble - hmmmm tasty :)

There were also tasting veggies and dips - I'm not surprised he dislike hummus ( all things with texture of mash potatoes has no chance with him, he's just not touching it).

His files from first Club day contains recipes for Gruffalo Crumble and fruity salsa - we will practice both for sure :) I'm curious what they'll try next time.

For me this week except not specially nice weather is good - had bit more time for myself :), added vintage style cards to my etsy shop offer, thinking about trying new cake for Easter :), planning what we will do with Dom during his Easter break, which is not easy, cause have no idea what weather will be around that time...

I hope for a bit of sunshine, then I can take him for walk to park or on the beach or just go for bus trip somewhere :) I want him to enjoy weather and maybe we will have a chance to see more blooming plants and more animals :)

Snowdrops near Seaton Delaval Hall

Bird between Blyth dunes


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