Sunday, 6 March 2016

Bead soup necklace and T-Rex :)

We had crazy Friday... Not much sleep cause Dom was sick... My poor boy...

We tried to have more sleep last night, but... that was just our wish.. :)

Dom drank lots of water, ate just a bit, but felt much better then on Friday evening and today he is old himself :)

So... yesterday when Dom was playing with Daddy I took few bracelets I made ages ago, like this one:

My first and last crochet bracelet so far...

I recycled beads from 4 bracelets , then connected them with copper eyepins and jump rings, added lobster clasp and tassel made with sari silk and copper cone and the result is long layering necklace which can be also wear as wrapping/layering bracelet - 5 nice wraps for wrist size 7 - so not my wrist, cause mine is size 6 :)


or bracelet :)

I'm sure you are thinking now: 'What she meant by T-Rex in post title?' :) 

Answer for it: We were on a walk before midday today. Bought some bread and pickles and wanted to go near river for a bit... Dom decided differently :) We finished in other shop ( Aldi store ), and he found box with T-Rex :) Toy for 7+ when his even not 4 yet :) but try to say 'no' - melodramatic scene as sure as rain in England :) 

We knew one thing - he will need help cause this toy set is: Dig, discover and assemble thing :) 
We spend 2 hours crashing  'block of earth' made from mix of plaster, sand and pumice, then cleaning and assembling T-Rex for Dom :) That was hard job - no jokes.

I'll help you Daddy!

This is a job for my dump truck :)

I'll keep it for you Daddy!

Look, T-Rex bones!

Just a bit of cleaning in water :)

My T-Rex!!!

Hard to call it toy for boy of his age, but Dom was impressed. We are hoping he'll not find similar 'toy' any time soon :)


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