Saturday, 26 March 2016

Pirates, jewellery...

Passing week was full of work, fun and thinking...

Cooking plans changed a bit cause my partner catch cold and requested cream-soup one more time in this week :) No extra costs, cause had everything needed at home :)

I was thinking what we could eat during our next week (including Easter) plus where to take Dom for him to have some fun during his Easter holiday. Cooking plans already in place :) Some of activities for Dom planned too - we are going for Easter Egg hunt to our fave community centre and next week we will go to Hancock Museum to meet Gruffalo :) If weather will be good we'll play in the garden, have a walk to the park, port or beach :)

Yesterday we took Dom to Tynemouth to see Pirate Maze... and we had great time :)

Jack Sparrow :)

Daddy, is it safe to sleep with gun? 

This rum is mine!!!

Hmmm... Hope his not cold...

Dom had lots of fun walking pirates plank with Daddy and looking for stamps for his treasure map. He found them all and received a Treasure - choco coins :)

During the week I found a bit of time to play with beads. Made some new pieces for my shop and something for myself. Also back to my old project and even tried something new.

New bracelets for girls - early teens - already in my etsy shop offer :)

Something for me - deep purple with a hint of silver :)

First time with asymmetrical jewellery...

Back to old :) Very long and gipsy earrings. I think sari silk looks better on this project then ribbon I used previously, but this is just my opinion :)

And this is all for today for me to write... Hope my grammar not killing, never was good with it :)


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