Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Cooking, saving, tasting?

Last weekend we agreed with my man that we need to do something to keep our dinners tasty and variable with not spending fortune on them and have a chance to delicately push Dom to eating more.

So... we sat and planned our dinners for whole week ahead. We bought most of ingredients during weekend with just few left till they'll be needed.

I have to say - we are sticking with our plan so far and to be honest with you I'm not buying more then bread, fresh fruits and juice in my current day-to -day shopping.

Till today we had:
* meat goulash with mashed potatoes & sliced cornichons
*veggie cream soup with cheesy&garlicky toasties
*lecso (my version of traditional Hungarian stew )
*lemon&garlic chicken with herby rice ( new recipe )
*Pea, ricotta & ham pasties

After tasting we decided that our l&g chicken need some little changes - less lemon juice and maybe more garlic.

Still in plan we have:
*jacket potatoes with cottage cheese with spring onions
* mixed bean patties with big colourful salad.

Dom is rather picky so far... He didn't touch goulash or lecso, ate cheesy toasties, handmade buns (added as extra to lecso :), lots of boiled rice ( tried chicken, but wasn't impressed), ate biscuits made from pasties dough ( he cut them out with cookie cutters) with extra ham on his plate.

Hope he'll be less fussy some time soon, cause he's starting full time school in September and will be eating dinners there. Fingers crossed for that :)


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