Wednesday, 2 March 2016


I'm just stuck...

Should craft when my boy is at nursery and doing nowt.

Possibly because tummy bug and antibiotics... Last day today for all these pills - hurray!!!
To be honest with ya I just properly hate all these medications... Even rarely using painkillers...
Possibly because I was all the time with colds and sicknesses as a kid.

Easter coming and I think I should check my stamps and make few cards, at least for my parents and my partner's Mum.

Hmmm, something Springy, greeny, yellowy :) maybe with lots of flowers :) Need to think about it and do it fast cause time is flying.

Here few from last year :

Year earlier :)

I need chicks or ducks or lambs this year :) Maybe something in vintage style... Hmmmm... Time to think...


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