Wednesday, 30 March 2016


I'm a woman, so I'm a shopper, I like it or not :)

We all are making some shopping from time to time - clothes, food, books, games, gifts... lots of things :) and we all used online shopping at least once in our lives :)

Hand up if you never shop online!

I know online shopping taking away face to face chatting with seller, chance to try things before buying,but that how  it's works.

Shopping webs giving us a chance to find items we're looking for and we have problems with finding it, so more and more things we are buying this way.

If we like handmade stuff, we can check webs selling handmade items.

To be honest with you I like handmade pieces  and even if I'm crafter and can make stuff for myself I'm still buying pieces I like :)

My last buy - gorgeous earrings with dragons from Genevieve from

Genevieve is from Quebec, Canada and she's very crafty person. In her shop offer you can find earrings, rings and necklaces - beautiful pieces!

Here my new earrings from her shop - received by post today (very fast delivery).

Just love them :) 

If you like handmade items check:

You can find handmade also on Ebay and Amazon :)


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