Sunday, 3 April 2016

Meeting friends

Dom's Easter holiday are passing so quick...

Time to catch up with things :)

Last week we met my friend Kasia and went together for little trip to nearby Country Park with kids.
Dom and Kasia's girls had brill time running wild, playing ball, climbing trees etc. All three of them don't bother the weather - grey & cold & drizzly in some point :) On the end of it all of them were partially covered with mud but we don't mind as long as they had good fun :) We had little picnic and we were checking 'art trail'.

Dom and owl

Is it a fairy Mum?

Look Mummy :) I'm on a tree :)

Let me down, I want to play with girls!

That was great day even with this miserable weather :)

Dom also had his fave dish last week - risotto with green peas :)

I know Italians are cooking this dish totally different way but here how I'm doing it :)

I'm chopping 1 medium onion or 2 shallots, 1 celery stalk, frying them on oil/olive 2-3 minutes, adding cup of long grain rice, mixing a bit, then adding bit by bit around 700 ml or more hot veggie or chicken stock ( can be from cube), when rice almost done ( around 15 minutes) I'm adding 2-3 handfuls of frozen peas and some black pepper and dried garlic for taste. I'm serving it decorated with grated cheese (eg Cheddar) and chopped parsley. 

Have a fun trying it :) 


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