Friday, 22 April 2016

Bit of this, bit of that...

Another week almost gone...

We had beautiful weather... forecast for weekend isn't good unfortunately... Clouds are coming already...

We were in the park, in the port and on the beach with Dom during this week :) We bought new flowers for our garden and plant them, now we're waiting for them blooming :)

I checked another new recipe from old cooking mag this week:

Forgive me for no pics of our plates, but they were empty very fast :)

Below you can admire 'Super Potato'

Dom made him at nursery today :) Lovely creature - don't you think?

This card I made yesterday - I'm planning to send it to my Dad for his Namesday next month.

Today I received papercraft mag I'm subscribing - lovely stamp set added as a free gift - just cannot wait to use it :) Perfect for cat lovers :)


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