Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Giraffe and other masterpieces :)

As we suspected weather changed for worse with start of weekend...
And believe it or not - today's weather is total nightmare - sun, rain, snow plus nasty wind, and again sun, rain, snow and.... over and over again... feel tired...

But to the point of today's writing :) Last Saturday we were on early shopping before I went to hairdresser :) We back home with wooden giraffe for Dom - he choose it :)

When I was away to deal with my hair, Dom was painting his giraffe and his Daddy taking pics of creation process.

Hmmmm, which colour now???

Look Daddy!!! I painted my hand :)

Little giraffe :)

Dom was in artistic mood during weekend and he didn't finished with his painting on wooden giraffe, oh no :)
Here his new pieces:

Dog? Cat? Hmmmm, what animal is it?

Kite project?

I think it is a bike :) 

From other things, we tried giant couscous, and we like it :) I used first time silicon little cakes moulds - result was funny, but more about this maybe some other time :) 

That's all for today peeps! Have a nice day!!!


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