Thursday, 28 April 2016

Selling handmade

As you know already I'm a bit of crafter.

Some of my creations are made as gifts, but I also have online shop to sell some of it ( link: ).

Selling handmade products is trendy but not easy specially if we talking about jewellery.

I'm playing with jewellery making few years - before I opened my shop on Etsy, I was making most of my pieces for myself or my Mum or my friends.

One year my next door neighbour asked me for bracelet for herself after I gave her little girl one of my first children bracelets - Amy's wrist was my sizer for them :), also made another bracelet for Amy, Amy's cousin and her Nana  - so that was nice first custom order :)
After that I sold few pieces to Mums, which I met when walking for toddler groups with Dom.

I was making more and more, finally in 2014 I opened my little shop - Etsy is huge thing with millions sellers and buyers, so selling is not easy-peasy. I'm happy every time I sell something, and it doesn't matter sale is made via my Etsy shop, Facebook or order from Mum I met at nursery :)

From time to time I re-modelling pieces I made before or just recycling them cause they are totally out to date. Last time: yesterday. I checked all I made and decided which going for total recycling and which I should update a bit. Still few bits left to work with, but I can show you what I've already did :)

Pieces with little changes - just new findings and bit of re-modelling...

Only new pins :)

New pin and new shape for pendant piece :)

New pins and few new beads :)

Totally new pieces with usage of recycled chains from old pieces:

Which way to go??? ;)

Remember seaside Summer...

I think I'll send one of necklaces to my Mum as her birthday gift :) Still not decided which one tho... :)

One of other things I did yesterday was adding Special Monthly Sale section to  my shop - want to sell all my silver-plated pieces as soon as possible, to have a chance to focus on copper jewellery I started to make some time ago ( ), also decided to lower prices for my cards. I'm thinking about putting some of cards into sets... Maybe that can be a good idea for selling them.

Ah, stop with this gibberish :) Wish you all good day with lots of sun!!!


  1. Love your write up Monika, wishing you many sales!!

  2. I hope for them Theresa :) Thank you for nice words!

    1. A nice write-up and very informative. Can't wait to check out your copper jewelry.