Friday, 8 April 2016

Gamer :)

I don't think I wrote here about my gaming hobby :) Just something different then reading or crafting :)

I cannot say I was gaming virgin when I met my partner, but I wasn't  'Alpha  & Omega' in it too.Whole my previous gaming experience was 2 times on console ( don't even remember what kind) and some silly stuff on computer.

Maciek showed me what all this stuff is about :) First he found GBA (GameBoy Advance) in great condition in one of charity shop with some games (Final Fantasy, Harvest Moon etc ), later on he bought PSP with games for himself (some times later - games for me too).
After his holiday, he back home with his PS2 ( took it back from his Mum place) and after that we were sure one thing - I prefer handhelds :)

So now I have Nintendo - birthday gift from him with nice collection of games - I love puzzle games, Harvest Moon series ( not all of them) and Final Fantasy ( especially both Tactics).

Part of my collection :)

One of last gifts and my current night time consumer :)

When I was pregnant we both start to play Settlers Online - we still play it but not every day like we used to :) We tried other online games, but we never stay with them for long. At the moment we trying Gems of War - we both enjoy it, but in different ways - Maciek loves PVP, I prefer Treasure Hunt :)

To be honest with you I had a chance to mix two of my hobbies: craft and gaming :) I made and sent card for 20th Birthday of Settlers games and even won prize cause guys from Dusseldorf liked my card :)

Crazy card don't you think?


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