Thursday, 14 April 2016

Meet Rosella

Today I want to present you Handmade Movement Team captain. Her name's Rosella and she's from USA.

Ros has two shops on Etsy - very busy woman don't you think :)

So... if you need a logo, banner, business card or a part sticker check:, if you are after prints or cards check:

Here's what she wrote about herself in her 'bio' on Etsy:

'To occupy myself and keep my mind active after retiring, I started my Etsy card shop using photos of some of the paintings that I still have and others that I have sold over the years. Etsy is a great way to interact with other artisans and I have 'met' many talented and nice people here. I have been an artist since I was a young girl ans was able to pursue art more fully after my daughters became teenagers. After trying different media, I discovered a love of watercolor painting and charcoal drawing and that is the basis of most of my work (...) '.
If you want to know more about Ros find her shops and read her profile.

What I can say about Ros?

She's a friendly woman, very helpful to 'greenhorns' on Etsy and I like her a lot :) I think everybody in Handmade Movement Team likes Ros, cause is really hard not to :)

My faves from her shops???

Hmmm...I have lots :) Examples:

To be honest with you, I think Handmade Movement Team on Etsy cannot exist without Ros, she knows most of us for long time now :) .
We all love our Sneak Attack days when we can spread some love around new shops on Etsy, buy amazing handmade items from etsy 'greenhorns' - I was one of them ages ago ;) and was sneak attacked by bunch of lovely people with Ros as one of the first who faved my items :) I joined the Team and never regret it :) She keeps us all there and this big mission to help all artisans and crafters who are new to Etsy.


  1. Very nicely written and certainly very true. We all love Ros!

  2. Love this! Ros is great and the team is amazing. =)

  3. Thanks ladies :) Hope Ros will like this post too :)

  4. Wonderful post, Monika! Where would we be without Ros?!?

  5. Monika, no worries...Ros will love your post! You are doing great with this project of telling a little about our team.

  6. Thanks for all your comments guys :) I just want to write how many beautiful things people making and trying to sell :) If that helps just a bit I'll be happy!

  7. Monika, how sweet of you! Of course I'm proud that you took time to write about me! You make me blush with all of your praise! Thank you so much for highlighting my work. It's people like you that make up this wonderful Handmade Movement Team that makes it all worth while. Lots of hugs sent across the Pond to you!

  8. Monika what a wonderful write up for the Captain of our team, she does such a wonderful job of keeping us all grounded. Love the Handmade Movement Team and all the members!!