Sunday, 17 April 2016

Culinary experiment

Oh yes, that was proper experiment...

I'm not culinary genius, but I'm not total anti-talent too :) I like trying new cooking techniques, new dishes, recipes from around the world.

Some time ago we bought kangaroo steaks, but we had no idea how to cook them. I found some recipes on net but wasn't sure which one of them I should use. Yesterday we decided we'll try to cook these steaks, doesn't matter result :)

We went through some recipes on YouTube and found this simple looking dish: - (Kangaroo steaks - blog in Polish).

So.... I placed our steaks in simple marinate from oil with salt, black pepper and garlic...

and put it into fridge for about an hour. 
After that time I heat my griddle pan and placed steaks on... 

That wasn't easy cooking, cause we are not fans of rare or mid-rare meats. I tried my best to not make this meat taste leathery. 
Result - meat cooked throughout and (happy me) not taste like leather piece :)

Plus was great with salad made with sauerkraut :)

If you want to try kangaroo steaks go for simplicity like in Dorota's blog or find recipe which catch your eye :)


  1. Sounds interesting Monika!! I have never seen kangaroo meat for sale in the USA.

  2. Possibly you have no chance in supermarkets Theresa, but who knows... and people are saying that kangaroo meat is similar to venison meat.

  3. I've had venison, Monika, so if I ever see kangaroo for sale maybe I will try it, but also have never seen it here. Buffalo and ostrich are the latest "fad" meats that are popular. I liked the buffalo, but the ostrich to me had absolutely no flavor.

  4. I didn't eat buffalo or ostrich yet :) Hmmm will think about it... but possibly stay with what I like :) Thanks for your comment Matt :)