Monday, 4 April 2016

Egg hunt and other things

Last Friday we visited our old toddler's group in nearby community centre for Easter Egg hunt.

Aw.. that was really nice to see old friends and meet new :) Kids are growing up so fast!
Dawn who's running the group was happy to see Dom again and she said he's changed and is sooo grown up now :)

Boys with Dawn in community centre last year :)

Dom couldn't wait for egg hunting and he found most of the eggs before play starts :) so we had to hide all of them again :)
He found most of them later anyway and back home tired, but with big bag full of choco eggs and big choco bunny :)

Another egg on the tree :)

Dom and Bunny and Bear :) Easter cuddles?

We had some telli watching after back home and made Mr Maker 'square' doggy :)

Nice puppy :)

When Dom was catching a little nap, I made new earrings :)

Already sold :) I think I make new pair :)


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