Sunday, 10 April 2016

Garden works :)

I was planning to write about something completely different today, but....

Day is so beautiful, so sunny with so nice temperature outside, that my man decided to make some garden works :)

I'll be honest with you - our garden is proper mess, cause we just have not enough time to deal with it.


First thing - we have no idea about proper gardening :)
Second thing - most of the time gardening wise weather keep us home...
Third thing - when weather is nice we prefer go for a trip :)

Oki, I'm trimming hedge, when I should and I even like it :) also trimming gooseberry and redcurrant bushes to not allowed them spread to much.

We both hate dealing with weeds and with all raining here they are growing much much faster then anything else.

Today even Dom had some fun :) and he was trying to help too.

His daddy was busy painting the fence :)

You should see him when he finished - he was covered with paint all over :)


  1. Ah painting messy work but your fence looks great with the new color!! Have fun pulling weeds.

  2. The fence looks very nice! I understand completely about the weeds...we are backed up against a vacant overgrown lot and the weeds come in above and below ground!