Sunday, 28 February 2016

Dom and Tracey

On Friday Dom back home from nursery with Tracey Turtle. She's with us for whole weekend. On Monday she'll be back at nursery to be ready to visit other kid next weekend.

Dom took whole thing rather seriously, he showed her diggers on construction site near our street on our way home. They played his train set for most of weekend :)

'Look Tracey - here's my train!'

'This is an instruction, they showing how to put rails together :) '

Tracey became pals with some of Dom's toys - specially these two :)

She also likes Dom's room and wall deco :)

Dom was very eager to show Tracey how hard is using Mummy's crafty punchers :)

They read about sharks before sleep.

On Sunday they had very long walk along the river, watching birds, horses; smelling flowers on the bushes and collecting shells.

They reached park near next town ( 3 miles walk from our place) and played hide-and-seek in Janus sculpture :)

At the moment they both have some resting time after dinner and possibly they'll play more later :) Trains again or maybe dinosaurs or transformers :) Only they know this for sure :)


  1. Sounds like he is having a great time with Tracey Turtle!!

  2. Yeah :) I think he still not realised she'll need to back to nursery :) Hope he'll not cry.