Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Around the UK

Since I moved to the UK I tried to see as much places as possible. For lots of people England means London - but England and the UK is so much more then London.

Yes I was in London. Twice. First time in 2005 when visiting my uni friend.

Parliament and Big Ben

London Bridge

London is huge with lots of cars, people, buildings... Too much of everything for me I think. It is beautiful city with lots of history, but with all this speed you can feel there on the streets is really hard to contemplate history and just enjoy the place.

I met my partner in 2006 when he came to the UK. We like North East where we are living. Here something what we found in South Shields (if I'm not wrong) in 2006

Little metal ships between the buildings

Or this beauty not so far from Tyne River.

Bridges in Berwick upon Tweed

We were on Holy Island in 2007 - amazing place even when raining :)

Remains of Lindisfarne Priory

Lindisfarne Castle

We were lucky to be there during festive time :)

Medieval life :)

We can say we are in love with Morpeth :) We are going there as often as possible and our boy like the place too :)

Turner's Gardens - very beautiful in the end of Summer :)

We also saw a bit of Yorkshire, Derbyshire, Lake District and Cumbria.

Skipton Castle

View from Skipton Castle

Carlisle Castle behind me - things happened there centuries ago not always were romantic...

I think I stop here for now, cause I don't want to overload you with pics and names. Better to left something for next post about trips :)

Believe me Great Britain is much much more then London and only from you depends what you see. You can find here castles, gardens, priories, hills, lakes and lots of history in any place you stop.


  1. Your pictures would make great greeting cards!!

    1. I know :) Maybe one day I'll have printer :)