Thursday, 4 February 2016

Bit more crafting and shark

As I suspected, 5 inches bracelet is too big for birthday girls ( I checked their wrists by myself), so yesterday I made 2 new, sized: 4 3/4 inches :) Should be ok now :)

For Jessica

For Jasmine

I also found a bit of time to make new earrings - was playing with mother of pearl
and glass pearls :)

I think they look good on copper components :)

Dom also was in artistic mood yesterday, moved his chair to kitchen, wanted to move his table there too, but it was to heavy for him, so I helped him a bit and then I gave him paper and paints as he wanted :)

He loves sharks :) The bigger the better - with big teeth the best :) Now I know why my boy cannot sleep properly ;) too many films about sharks and dinosaurs - and no cartoons, but proper documentaries. Surprising choice for almost 4 years old boy.


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