Thursday, 18 February 2016

Busy day with Dom :)

We had busy day today - Dom and me :) He has midterm break and I decided that even with his cold is no point to keep him whole week at home.

I took him for little trip to Newcastle. He loves buses.

We make little shopping first - Dom choose nice T-shirts for himself :) and then we go to Discovery Museum.

Nice ship :)

Roman times

Oh bus!

I'm not sure I like horses...

Where is this rabbit???

I'm regulating the river :)

What a gun!!!

I think we check every single exposition in museum :) Dom was coming back to some pieces few times eg. regulating river :)
Then we went to nice bakery in Chinatown for snack - so many buns to choose from, plus all these tasty drinks :) Yummy!!!

Happy face :)

Then we went to Hancock Museum to see Dom's faves - dinosaurs!!!

Hey fishy, fishy :)

What a strange chap!!!

Hello friend :)

Bit of reading :)

Hi!!! Nice helmet!

This is my new friend.

By the way home we make a break in Whitley Bay for some slides on playground area, then have short walk on Promenade and we ate some fish and chips before heading back home.

We had beautiful, sunny bit chilly day and we back home happy and still full of energy - specially Dom :)


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