Monday, 15 February 2016

Winter or Spring?

Winter on North East of England is a strange Lady. Can look different even on two ends of the same town... Hmmm...

First Dom's winter was nice and white - at least partially :)

In our garden in January 2013 - Dom was 8 months old :)

Month earlier winter looks like that:

View from our front window :)

Christmas Eve 2013 - looked like Spring :)

2014 also looked for us more like Spring then Winter, to be honest I don't even remember if we had a bit of snow then :)

Current Winter - hmmm....
Few weeks ago we, Dom and me, had fun chasing big snowflakes around the garden. Was brill to see my boy smiling and laughing so much that he almost had tears in his eyes :)

Then was rather Springy :) We saw first snowdrops blooming in mid of January, last week I saw first purple crocuses in one of the gardens we passing during the way to school, also buds of our crocuses, hyacinths and daffodils start to show up in the garden. Even first leaves showed up on the bushes.

Today Dom could watch hailstones and small snowflakes falling down until sun show up and all melt down :) I heard on other side of town people woke up yesterday with snow in their gardens. So how to not call 'strange' our Lady Winter?


  1. Winter change from year to year. Great post!!!

  2. Dom is a cutie. The weather is strange everywhere this year. Today it was in the 20s and snowing. The forecast for tomorrow is 50s and raining!

  3. You're right - maybe we are before new Ice age :) Thank you for nice comment. By the way - my little son is big charmer if he wants ;)

  4. What a sweet baby ! Our weather has been really different too over the last few years. Great blog post!

  5. Thank you Debbie :) He'll be 4 soon :)