Thursday, 25 February 2016

Just bit crafty :)

Really hard to say that I'm busy crafting lately...

Dom demands lots of attention, he is not interested in playing alone which is good I think, cause when we're playing together I can try to teach him new words or at least try to correct wrongly pronounced.
Since few days we are playing with his new train set, rebuilding rails, laughing when Dom decided that he wants to have tree on the rail bridge just in the front of coming train :)

He likes crafting, specially stamping :) I have set of small kiddy stamps from Lidl shop he loves to use.

Start of stamping

More then one stamp in one go :)

'Done for today Mummy'

But not only he had a chance for crafting this passing week. Mum of twins asked me for beaded piece for her son - football fan. First we agreed for black and white piece, but then I found out that Bailey is Arsenal fan so I realised that his piece should be in different colours and I made new piece. I sent his Mum pics of both and looks like he will have both pieces :)

Arsenal and Newcastle United :)

Last week I decided to re-do some of older pieces which stop to look good enough for sale eg.

Silver seed beads start to loosing the colour, so today I re-do this one and now it is looks like this:

I think now this bracelet looks much, much better then before. You can find it in my etsy shop, look for Tobisia's Lil Thing :)  I hope I'll find a time to re-do rest of my older pieces.


  1. The new photos look good. And keep doing little projects with Dom. I did that with my g'kids and they have many skills that help them in school.

  2. Thank you :) Little projects with Dom are good even if he just painting :) Teachers said this help with his writing skills :)