Thursday, 16 June 2016

Ants, kitty card and other things

Ants - our street nightmare I dare to say... Everybody has problems with them year by year, we aren't even sure from where they are coming from... We're suspecting some big nest somewhere...

Few weeks ago, when we spot first few of them in the house, we just killed them and clean allover with citrus cleaning liquid - peace from them for 2 weeks or so... and they back.. strange not to the kitchen from the garden, but from front street to the living room - citrus thingies in hands again, even not 2 days and Dom spot them on the floor in corridor between kitchen and living room...

I had enough, I can live with ants in the garden, but when they are coming to the house - they have small chances for long living. I bought special ants bait and anti-ants spray.

No signs of them so far! And I really hope we are done with them this year...

From happier news, yesterday I received gift from Quick Card Made Easy magazine - they printed my card in their last issue :)

My kitty/spotlight card in the spotlights :)

Gift I received :)

Card I made today using some pieces from my gift :)

I also tried to make my first ever stud earrings, I still need to cut stud piece to proper length and find this 'butterfly' piece to have them finished.

Stud piece - coiled and lightly hammered :)

Earrings waiting for finishing touches :)


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